Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hosting Business Access

Web hosting business, generally a strength of the hosting company provides hardware, and is responsible for basic software installation, configuration and maintenance of basic services on the server the normal operation of multiple users to share server resources, the contents of each user to upload file by the service provider of unified management.

Dedicated hosting, customers provide their own hardware, server, and can choose to provide software systems provided by us or enjoy a professional server hosting services, including network bandwidth and stability, temperature, dust, fire, moisture, anti-static. Customers have full control permissions on the server colocation, can decide to run the system and engaged in the business.

Managed hosting business, customers do not purchase their own servers, and can provide a variety of advanced mining superb server and software systems, greatly save the cost of procurement, placed in our IDC, the bandwidth? Safety? Stability? System? Serving you these questions let us take care of it. You can even completely after 1 year with this server!