Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DVD Ripper

Speaking of, a friend has been looking for a DVD Ripper Mac, particularly this Video Converter mac. I told him about, a site that offers program that rips dvds to various video formats and it will do some editing too. I chanced upon this site while trying to back up what's left of our wedding video. He was too happy about this information and tried it as soon as I told him about it. You can check out the site for more information.

If I were to be wed at this time, I would prioritize my videographer as much as I prioritized my wedding photographer. By this I mean, getting 2 separate suppliers. You see, we paid a hefty price for our photographer and was very happy with the outcome of our photos, however, we trusted him too much that we also hired their videography services not researching enough that they are not that good with wedding videos. Now, our only copy of DVD was destroyed, sad thing I did not have it duplicated by a DVD Ripper.

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