Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Compact sleeping bags are increasing in popularity

Compact sleeping bags are increasing in popularity amongst all kinds of professional and leisure campers. A small bag can fit easily into your pack and still allows room for food or other gear. You can find compact sleeping bags almost anywhere, but beware of the cheap styles from your local retail stores. Ultimately those bags will weigh you down and take up more space than you may have available. A small sleep bag serves as all around protection for your body because you can use it with or without a tent.

Once you have determined what material and insulation you want for your compact sleeping bags you can begin your search either on the internet or at your local stores. Down insulation is a good material for warmth, and its lightweight but because small sleep bags are constantly being compressed you may want to go with another material. Down material will lose its shape if it gets wet, so you should only use this material if you are going to be in dry climates. If you are going to be moving around a lot and packing up your bag often, down material may not be the best material for your compact sleeping bags. If down insulation is your choice of material you can purchase shells to help keep the moisture out, with proper care.

Synthetic insulation is going to be your best buy for a compact bag. It runs cheaper than down material, but may tend to be slightly heavier. The good thing about synthetic material is the fact that it can hold its shape after being compressed over and over. If you are buying a sleeping bag chances are you will continuously be putting your bag away which causes compression on your bag. There are lots of manufacturers who now make lighter forms of synthetic material for compact sleeping bags so you can find your perfect match. Synthetic bags will even allow you to try out your clothes inside of the sleep bag, which is helpful for wet or damp climates.

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